What is people search?

A people search you perform confidentially lets you find someone’s contact information: whether it is a long lost love, a friend you want to reconnect with, or anyone else. You can find information gathered from social networks and public records, such as white pages, about a particular person. Additionally, you can do a reverse phone lookup, where you lookup who called you, by entering their phone number. In many instances it is also possible to get background checks, including criminal history, on an individual. These can be very valuable if you are considering hiring a nanny for your children or when hiring a contractor, to ensure you are dealing with a reliable and upstanding individual. You may be looking for a lost relative, do research on a new business partner, a potential hire (although in most states the law requires that the interviewee gives consent to have a background report examined by the hiring company). Some people are curious to find information on an old classmate they went to school with. Some people are just curious about someone’s background, and there is certainly a novelty factor as well.

How to do a people search?

The most basic information you will need is the person’s name. This alone can get you the information you need, provided that the name is fairly unique. The problems arise if the name is very common. In such instances you will usually need some other information, such as state, city where the person resides in or their age.. The more information upfront you have about a person, the more likely that the person you find information about will be the person you are really looking for. In many cases, if you have the name, age and state you will be able to pinpoint the exact person you are looking for, unless the name is super common, like John Smith.

Many people search aggregators also provide email addresses of a person, and in some cases even cell phone numbers, although there are many laws surrounding cell phones that do not cover landlines.

Keep in mind that even if you find the exact person you are looking for, no database is 100% accurate, so there may be pieces of information in the report that may not be fully accurate.

What is a background check?

A background check is a comprehensive report of an individual’s past, particularly things like work, address, and possible criminal histories. This information can be incredibly valuable for verification purposes to employers and interested parties alike and is becoming incredibly popular across the country.

What is Reverse Phone Lookup?

Essentially, reverse phone lookup is a phone book working in reverse. Individuals enter a phone number which is unknown to them and are supplied with information about the person calling. Everything from the person’s name to their location, and likely intent can be identified.

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