About Us

Peoplesifter.com lets it’s users perform people search on any adult in the United States. We pull data from various public sources, including directories, white pages, social networks and others. Enter the name of any individual living in the United States and we will provide you with all information we have for that name. If you also specify their age, state they live in, a lot of times we can get you very accurate information about the specific person you are looking for. This is more important for people with common names.

Peoplesifter.com also lets people monitor and protect their online reputation. We let our users find out exactly what kind of information is available about you online and to monitor your online presence. In this day and age it is important to know what comes up when people search your name in search engines. Whether applying for a new job or even going out on a date, many times your name will be searched, and people will judge you based on the information they find, whether it is accurate or not. Peoplesifter.com lets you monitor all information available online, and to ensure it is accurate and information you want to appear about you.

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