What is a background check?

Background checks are very ubiquitous forms of information gathering which have been used heavily throughout the United States for decades. They represent a comprehensive report of a person?s past activities relating to everything from housing situations, to work history, to family history, even to criminal record information. All of these details are available to people who request them through a service like People Sifter and can be relied upon to be as accurate as possible.

Not long ago, however, this information was only accessible to those with specific reason to need it. Employers in particular would perform confidential searches on an applicant. Criminal background checks were obviously considered valuable so that these employers would know about any past trouble their applicants had been involved in. Employment background checks, similarly, were quite frequently performed to determine the honesty and quality of these potential new hires and very frequently the results of these searches made the difference between landing a new job or returning to unemployment.

Luckily for people today, the information that a background check provides is now accessible to anyone, thanks largely to the immense amount of information shared and listed in databases around the country. This means that anyone interested can find out about the history of those around them, and use that information to make more informed decisions than people ever could before.

What can a background check be used for?

Ordering a background check with People Sifter is the best way to learn all there is to know about an individual?s history, something which is crucial in making a good decision about people in the modern world. Whether you?re hiring someone to babysit your children, or concerned about your daughter?s new boyfriend, or simply want to know what others can find out about you, People Sifter?s background check can offer all the information that you could possibly need all with as little as a name, address, or phone number. This information is gleaned from sources all across the internet and, while it?s impossible to guarantee the accuracy of every detail is vastly reliable and trustworthy. Plus, all searches are performed confidentially and cannot be traced back to the People Sifter client in any way. That means you gain information you can rely on which keeps you, and your decision-making, secure.